Mortgage Broker: Membership for companies licensed as independent Mortgage Brokers. Membership includes all employees. $275/Annual

Mortgage Bankers: Membership for companies licensed as Mortgage Bankers. Membership includes all employees. $550/Annual

Affiliate/Vendor: This category includes Accountants; Appraisers/AMC Companies; Continuing Education Services, Credit Bureau Services; Document Service Companies; Insurance Companies; Legal Services/Attorney; Sales Training Companies; Technology/Software Companies; Title Companies. $400/Annual

‚ÄčIndividual Account Representative Memberships: Membership for individual sales or account representatives of TPO Origination firms. $300/Annual

Education | Representation | Networking

Available Membership Options

Unprecedented. This is the one word that best describes the mortgage industry these days. With thousands of pages of new regulation and a brand new federal agency, it becomes as simple as the nose on your face that you need to belong to a trade association to help you distill what you need to know in todays mortgage industry.  Since our inception in 1987, the GMLA has focused on serving the needs of our membership and this commitment remains vigilant today.

Our mission statement is to provide services, support, and information to our members, and to promote sound and ethical business practices consistent with mortgage industry standards. In keeping with this purpose, the ultimate function of the Greater Midwest Lenders Association is to:

  • Help, through its members, to serve the mortgage financing needs of the people living throughout the Midwest.

  • As the leading voice of the mortgage industry, it shall, when appropriate, seek and support legislation beneficial to its membership and the general public and it shall openly and actively oppose legislation deemed to be harmful to its constituency.

  • It shall encourage and promote sound and ethical business practices among its members and the industry at large.

  • It shall educate, train and inform its members of any/all practices and legislation current and relating to the mortgage industry.

Other GMLA Membership Benefits

  • Strong membership base.

  • Industry leadership within GMLA ranks.

  • Functional long-term relationships with governing regulatory agencies.

  • Committed leadership from the Board of Governors, Board of Directors and Former President's Circle.

  • Recognition as a leading voice of the industry throughout the Midwest and nationally.

  • "Member Only" discounts and special events.

GMLA provides the highest quality education and networking opportunities for the mortgage industry.

GMLA's forums provide industry leaders with an opportunity to share information and ideas about succeeding in the mortgage industry.

GMLA is the only Midwest Regional based mortgage trade organization that actively lobby's the legislative interests of its membership.